5 Reasons Why Face-to-Face Meetings Provide Unparalleled Value

Real estate, as an industry, is one of the most dynamic sectors out there. Its market is affected by multiple factors - from new trends to change in policies, both global and local. For a Solution Provider or Supplier, finding a suitable buyer for its product line can often get challenging.

The first challenge is to find relevant Project Holders who are in need to source your product. The process of searching can turn out both tiresome and laborious without the guarantee of a positive result. The second challenge, which is more pressing, is the time-cost. More often than not, it takes months to get a face-to-face meeting with the key Decision Makers of a company.

Networking events, such as the RED summit, aims to solve this issue by playing professional cupid. How do they do it? By organizing face-to-face meetings in combination with B2B matchmaking!

The Concept of B2B Matchmaking

While face-to-face meetings have an obvious business edge, it’s important to organize them in a way that’s productive. Face-to-face meetings when not organized with meticulous competence can often turn unproductive for all the parties involved. A lot of commonplace real estate events in Africa organize arbitrary face-to-face meetings which ultimately turns out to be unfruitful.

Through the concept of B2B matchmaking, however, the problem can be addressed head-on.
Through matchmaking, the offering of a supplier is matched with the requirements of the buyer. This ensures that the subsequent meeting that takes place has a solid foundation through which a mutually beneficial business deal can take place.

That’s not all though! Below are the five reasons that highlight the further benefits of face-to-face meetings when combined with the concept of B2B matchmaking.

1. Relevant Leads: The matchmaking ensures that the buyers’ needs are genuine and in alignment with what the seller has to offer. So, every meeting that takes place at the B2B summits by GBB ventures acts as a fertile base for business deals and negotiation. There’s no time-wastage with irrelevant leads or with meetings that have zero chance of conversion due to mismatched expectations.

2. Targeted Networking and Interactions: Networking when spread too thin can be counter-productive. Through the concept of B2B matchmaking, real estate networking events such as the RED summit are able to organise face-to-face meetings between participants in a way which caters to their precise requirements and needs. Thus increasing the value that both the seller and buyer would derive of every business interaction they have.

3. Risk Mitigation: Since B2B matchmaking ensures rigorous selection of attendees, the risk factor involved is non-existent. In most cases, the participants of the face-to-face meetings with project holders in Africa have access to the profile of the company along with its specific requirements and other relevant details.

4. Connect with the Key-decision Makers: Under normal circumstances, you’ll have to pass through layers of bureaucracy as well as hierarchies to get a face-to-face meeting with the key decision makers of the company. It costs both time and tremendous amounts of money. However, at the RED summit, a Sponsor meets not one, not two, but multiple key-decision makers from different companies who have the requirement for what’s on offer.

5. Professionally-designed Set-up: Imagine a conference filled with top executives from leading businesses looking to collaborate and engage in an agenda-driven set-up. In a professional set-up, it’s much more conducive for the participants to engage in productive networking and forge strong business relationships that are meant to last.

Well-curated and agenda driven face-to-face meetings can really enhance the quality of interactions that take place between participants. Such meetings form the key component of the RED summits.

If you are interested to meet your business prospects and would like to forge business relationships with the decision makers of the real estate industry, leave a message here and we will get in touch with you: http://bit.ly/GetintouchwithGBB