The Real Estate Development Summit is a conclave that converges the key business stakeholders along the sectors of hospitality, residential, commercial and mixed-use developments across the world. It is a platform that offers the best of networking, knowledge sharing and strategized B2B  face to face meetings which not only provide opportunities for business growth but also for professional growth.

AHIS as a summit involves a dedicated team of industry experts along with other key stakeholders to gain insights on the collective vision of affordable housing, achieved through innovative and sustainable ways. The summit also provides a platform for all the involved players of the market to network with industry leaders and other leading professionals. The culmination of the summit brings forth with it a deep insight into how different housing association sectors can collaborate with the public to improve dynamics on the affordable housing front.


GBB’s Initiatives are all about networking, face to face meetings, knowledge sharing and potential business collaborations. Watch the video to know how we do it.

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