"Meet a Peer from another Team, Make a Partner of another Team!"


GBB offers our Buyers, Suppliers, and Investors with a unique opportunity to meet with Innovators from across the globe, in the most rapidly emerging markets. Our Summits, Conferences, and Business Meetings are designed not just to get people together under one roof, but to create meaningful goal driven interaction sessions. Our core objective is to enable sealing of profitable deals, and ensuring that right product or expertise reaches the right Projects. Our carefully curated list of attendees at GBB’s invite-only events, ensure qualitative interactions, and definitive return on the investment you make by signing up with us.

Salient features

We organise Buyer-Supplier Summits with the core objective of “Bridging Markets, Building Ideas”. What we mean by this is, we bring together the best and most competitive Suppliers from across the globe, to reach out to the most promising projects in any market, which promise rapid growth potential.

We believe in getting professionals to interact face-to-face. Hence, our unique approach to holding Events, Summits, Conferences, and Meetings, involves organising pre-arranged meetings between our Buyers and Vendors, to ensure meaningful deal driven interactions.

Our lists of Buyers & Suppliers are curated based on relevance, and we try to ensure that our Buyers and Suppliers register with us, with their preferred objectives from attending our Events. Thereby, GBB tries to ensure that we organise relevant meetings with specific Market Leaders, who are also interested in meeting the specific attendees.

Another aspect of GBB, that makes us stand apart is our promise to stick with you, before the event, through the event, and even after the event, assisting our Suppliers and Buyers to take their interactions further, and helping in any way that we can, to close the deal.

Our Dedicated Account Managers, and Customer Support Team works round the clock to make sure that no Buyers or Vendor is left without support, along the process.

Who can GBB serve?


Any individual, business, or team which avails GBB’s services to buy any specific Products/Services are considered as Buyers.


Any individual, business, or team who sell any Products/Services relevant to GBB’s Buyer base are considered as Suppliers


Any individual, organisation, or group who are interested in investing in promising and profitable projects are considered as Investors.

Process Involved

If you are a Buyer, Prospector, Project Owner, or a Vendor, you have arrived at the right place. Participating in GBB Events involves a fairly straightforward, rewarding, and detail oriented process.

How do I get started?

Step 1

Go to Registration Section.

Step 2

Feed in information about yourself, your Business Goals & Objectives

Step 3

Key in your specific preferences of Products, Services, or Organisations, that you interest to meet or explore at our Events.

Step 4

Submit your Registration Form, and allow us to contact you to guide you all the way till attending the Events and even after the Event.