Real Estate Development Summit

The Real Estate sector in East Africa continues to accelerate at a rapid pace due to increasing urbanisation and consumerism increased spending on infrastructure, foreign investment, as well as on-going infrastructure improvements. Rapid urbanisation, a rapidly growing middle class, Re-location of business and travel to Africa for business and tourism are driving demand for modern offices, hotels and retail malls.

There is a great demand for a variety of solution providers in the East African market, the region not only requires high-end suppliers but also affordable as well. However, the greatest challenge faced by developers and investors is to find suitable and sustainable suppliers while still maintaining their international standards and practices.

To assist with this endeavour GBB is hosting the REAL ESTATE DEVELOPMENT SUMMIT-2018 East Africa Edition on 29th June in Nairobi, Kenya where we gather the top Project holders as well as Solution Providers and provide a common platform where they will engage and interact amongst each other, exchanging their views and knowledge about the problems related to the industry. Not only that, they will also engage in Face-To-Face business meetings so that the project holders could source quality products from their desired supplier, in turn fuelling the development in East Africa.