Sparkling Ideas, Conversations and Connections at The RED Summit

If you’re looking to up your game in the real estate business as an investor , solution provider or developer then, you don’t want to miss the Real estate Development Summit that is all set to open its doors on 21-22 February , 2019 at Hotel Sheraton Milan Malpensa, Italy.

With more than 80 suppliers and 200 VIP delegates participating in this event, the Real estate Development Summit has encompassed sessions and solutions that address the challenges that buyers and suppliers face on a common basis while also analyse the best practices and facilitate in revisiting strategies that bring about a paradigm shift in the way real estate industry functions.

The Real Estate Development Summit brings together a fleet of exemplary thought leaders, Developers, Architects, Designers, Consultants, hotel owners, hotel operators, Suppliers, Technology Consultants and Investors.

Here are 5 ways how RED Summit can add value to your business and connections

#1 Impactful Connections

The best part about RED summit is that you’ll find endless opportunities to connect with people on many different levels in person through B2B meetings. These meetings not only have an edge over meeting someone face to face but also has predefined agendas that help in addressing the challenges and match the requirements in the presence of the buyer/supplier thereby laying a solid foundation for business transactions.Plus, you get the leads and the opportunity to connect with industry leaders and in depth analysis of preferences of buyers and suppliers.

Business-to-Business Meetings between buyers and suppliers of the Real Estate Industry

Freeform networking sessions to Amplify collaboration further

#2 Sparkling Insights

Get ready to soak in the insightful sessions which has handpicked thought leaders who will be sharing their knowledge and the latest trends in real estate development management and challenges that plague the suppliers and buyers. You don’t want to miss their actionable insights and tactics on finding conducive solutions to these challenges.

#3 Expert Led Panel Discussions

Dive right in to the pool of fruitful discussions led by experts in the industry at the panel. More than 20 speakers will lead the session in this knowledge sharing platform will educate, inspire and share insightful thoughts pertaining to the real estate scenario and the key challenges that needs addressal. The forum will throw light on the latest trends in the market from experts and create an opportunity to discuss, debate and a chance participate for all the delegates.

#4 Exhibition Space – Supplier Showcase

Whether you’re a supplier, buyer, solution provider or an interior designer, the RED summit will host a product showcase where you can find the latest, innovative products and solutions that will optimise the process of procuring in real estate projects. This enables developers to see all the products that help them connect with their respective needs for projects.

#5 Personal Touch

Did you know? The RED summit has a team of account managers who will save you the trouble of following up on appointments with the concerned supplier/buyer? Yes, Once you’re out of the conference, these account managers will assist you with the best of solutions and other business related activities, and orchestrate your meetings with suppliers and delegates post the event. This will include frequent follow-ups which accelerate the process. They also track the meetings and appointments, to support you with your requirements.

Now that you know how sparkling the RED summit will be and how it adds value to your business, you don’t want to miss the event in Europe. REGISTER NOW.