The Creative Doer: Duangrit Bunnag

As unique as his work is, so is him. With no introduction needed, he’s the man of vibrant ideas with an unending zeal to stretch possibilities. Here’s a brief account of his thoughts and vision that he was kind enough to share with us.

Q1: Why architecture?

That’s a tough one. Maybe because I have always been inclined towards statistical and logical thinking, been drawn towards aesthetics, drawing and designs. So I made a career choice that enhanced my skills and kept my interests.

Q2: What best value addition do you see design bringing to a given space?

I don’t see it that way. Design is all about possibilities, rationalization and visualization. It’s about how we can transform these possibilities into reality rather than value addition.

Q3: As an architect with such extensive work, what’s your core design philosophy?

I don’t have one. In all the work I have done, I didn’t create anything for myself. It’s about the context of that work which was accomplished that the design played out. So you can call it a philosophy without a philosophy.

Q4: As your work has been so distinct, where do you find your best design products?

In a sense, Thailand is limited with respect to the availability of products and budgets as well. So we reinvent most products that we use or we find a different use to a common product. Like, in Thailand a lot of locally made products itself is quite good, so we find unconventional applications of these products and put them to creative uses in our work.

Q5: What are the challenges that you foresee in the future of the design industry?

I think a major challenge would be to accommodate diversity. Because this industry is so diverse in terms of materials used, ecology & context of the project, and economic diversity, it is a real challenge to accommodate such a huge magnitude of diversity.

Q6: What’s your advice to the next-gen of architects?

I would say, don’t be yourself in the sense that, don’t contain your identity to specific limits. Be an empty space to accommodate endless possibilities and creativity.

Q7: Since it is a pressing issue now, how important is using green and sustainable technology for

It is important enough now to talk about it. It is like breathing, you don’t talk about inhaling & exhaling, it’s just a mandatory natural process. That’s how I view sustainability, it is as good as breathing, you don’t mention it but you cannot afford not doing it. So embrace everything that helps maintain ecological balance.

Q8: You are talking about Bohemia & Design at the Real Estate Development Summit Asia. What does it mean to you?

Bohemian concept to me is unorthodox solutions to common problems. It’s creating creativity. It’s not the usual more of the same; it is diversity and exploring possibilities.

Q9: Lastly, why do you think sharing information and ideas on platforms like REDS is important?

Information exchange is certainly a good thing. The context of it matters too. And it’s extremely important because it opens you to new ideas and possibilities.