Our Vision

To be Globally recognised facilitators that connect businesses, and drive economic activity across the globe, in an affordable and profitable manner for all the stakeholders.
To connect, facilitate, and drive business collaborations across multiple industries and geographies. To channel competitive and affordable economic activity across various businesses. Enabling and assisting profitable growth of our clients' interests along with meaningful progress and economic benefits to the local communities.

Our Mission

‘Global Business to Business’ or GBB, is a vision that has been transformed into an organization. We are a human-centered, business-driven, value-focused organization, whose aim is to be the global leaders and facilitators in inter-business and inter-market professional solutions.

Global markets are now rapidly shrinking, and the costs for delivering meaningful and qualitative products/services is shrinking along with the markets. It is becoming very convenient and viable in today’s world for the Suppliers, Investors, and Projects from various corners of the globe, to connect and collaborate.

At GBB, we bridge market gaps and build professional connections, which are aimed at plugging the supply and demand gap at various organizational levels, as well as at hierarchical business needs and objectives.

Our areas of expertise include:

  1. B2B Meetings, Conferences, & Summits: enabling Project creators meet key decision makers, Investors, and Suppliers face to face and have a direct engagement;
  2. Investment Support: Introducing lucrative business propositions to a global network of investors; &
  3. Supplier and Procurement Support: to facilitate acquisition of quality materials, at competent market costs;

We at GBB facilitate solutions for any or all of these requirements and challenges that our clients encounter at various stages and levels of their business and/or project cycles.

Today businesses, corporations and individuals face a number of remarkable opportunities and challenges. They are tasked with finding lucrative areas for expansion, growth and value-creation. They seek insight and direction in order to decipher where opportunities are higher. We fill the gap by providing a collaborative platform capable of delivering consistent growth in any market environment.

GBB is an organization driven by excellence and integrity through commitment to ethical behaviour, innovation and quality.

We are particularly proud of our combined track record as a team. All our team members have accumulated experience of over a decade, working in this market sphere. Each of the team members have had the exposure and expertise over at least 50 geographic regions. Our team’s track-record uniquely positions us to effectively support clients’ requirements, and enabling clients to become high-performance businesses. We ensure an experience that enables us to build lasting business relationships with our clients, by being responsive, consistent, relevant, and delivering value regularly.

We are committed to improving productivity and empowering every person in our organization to do and achieve MORE!

With a commitment to making GBB the best place for smart, inquisitive and ambitious people to thrive, we have embarked on a journey of solving larger challenges that occupy our clients’ concerns.

As we step out with bold ambition, we offer a wide array of services that would raise the standards in the Real Estate, Healthcare, Education & Renewable Energy sectors, to name a few, bridge market gaps, make price more competent, investments more feasible, and procurement of quality material more definitive. Our promise to our clients is that we will work with them to build the value of their businesses, by identifying and optimizing opportunities.

At GBB, we are aware of the long and exciting journey that we have embarked upon. And we truly believe that our best is yet to come!

Ravi Kumar Chandran